Behind every surface there is a mystery: a hand that might emerge, an image that might be kindled, or a structure that might reveal its image.

Installation of a sequined curtain, made to measure, variable dimensions.



One: Schaufenster Project Space Dusseldorf, 2009, Two: Bloomberg Space, 2010, Three: Marcelle Alix, Paris, 2010, Four: Kunsthalle Basel, After Architects, 2010, Five: Kunsthalle Basel, Strange Comfort, 2010, Six: Displacements, Carlier Gebauer, Berlin, 2011, Seven: Dallas Biennale, 2012, Eight: Le Confort Moderne, 2012, Nine:RIDEAUX/BLINDS, IAC, Villeurbanne, Ten: Travelogue, Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein .

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