Yorkshire Sculpture Park presents: 15.07.17 – 29.10.17


Occasional Geometries, an exhibition in Longside Gallery selected largely from the Arts Council Collection by the Bangladeshi-born artist Rana Begum.

Featuring works by Rasheed Araeen, Tomma Abts, Roger Ackling, John Carter, Charles Danby, Matthew Darbyshire, Jesse Darling, Norman Dilworth, Noel Forster, Nigel Hall, Mona Hatoum, John Hilliard, Nicky Hirst, Gary Hume, Tess Jaray, Peter Joseph, Flore Nové-Josserand, Brad Lochore, Barry Martin, Kenneth Martin, Dóra Maurer, Jeremy Moon, Charlotte Moth, Nathaniel Rackowe, Eva Rothschild, Ayesha Singh, Richard Smith, Estelle Thompson, Richard Wentworth, Hilary Wilson, Gary Woodley, and Maria Zahle.







Sans réserve Wholehearted


MAC/VAL   Val-de-Marne Contemporary Art Museum 


Conceived around historic artworks from the museum collection as well as new acquisitions, this 8th exhibition of the museum collection artworks revolves around the construction of narratives. Its aim is to have a look at the expressive power of artworks, at their ability to tell stories, to question and suggest. Quiet or talkative, discreet or immersive, sometime contemplative, artworks all have stories to tell. They spark emotions and reveal the fragility of situations while embarking us through reality, fiction or imagination.
The exhibition also reflects the collection history: a long journey punctuated by discoveries, intuitions, encounters and reunions, which, through time, led to the constitution.