Choreography of the image

Choreography of the Image was first a display for Tate Britain’s Archive Gallery from May 2015–April 2016. Slotted into the permanent, wall-mounted vitrines of the Archive Gallery were ten bespoke wooden structures covered with various materials, which I titled Inserts. This is where I curated material into different image constellations. A selection of approximately 160 documents were in the display. This archival material included photographs, facsimiles, books, scripts, and letters from the papers of Barbara Hepworth and Ben Nicholson, which are held in the Tate Archives. Additional material was lent by Sophie Bowness and Tuula and Silvie Nicholson, including work by Hepworth and Nicholson’s son, the artist Simon Nicholson. Filmic Sketches is a 10-minute, 16mm film made during this period research that reflects upon the image constellations of the inserts.

Exhibition views © Sylvain Deleu

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